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Glauce big metal stove destroyed

Glauce, you will never see a muscular, beautiful, and strong girl like she is, impressing us with her power and strength, lifts and destroys an entire big metal stove, riping and bending everything with her phenomenal strength. 

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1 thought on “Glauce big metal stove destroyed

  1. That was really good! Such anger and “No Nonsense” from Glauce as she tore through that metal stove –like it was a race to destroy it! PLEASE make more videos of Glauce destroying stoves, metal cabinets and anything big (furniture) like that –even a few more refrigerators! I also (and I’m sure many of us do) love to hear Glauce grunting or yelling during a feat of strength –very satisfying and powerful! She’s THE BEST!

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