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Glauce the Metal Stove Destroyer

Glauce is a true amazon goddess, her beauty and strength is incomparable, watch this big biceps goddess destroying an entire metal stove, some overhead lifting warning, this is for true strength and power fans

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2 thoughts on “Glauce the Metal Stove Destroyer

  1. Savage. Total destruction. That stove was not match for Glauce. Her strong legs literally flatten the stove. Glauce’s intensity is unparalleled. Bravo Glauce!!!

  2. Glauce was angry and in a hurry to destroy that stove! Great video!! Love these metal stoves, cabinets and large boxes-type bending and destruction!
    Glauce is beautiful and it’s wonderful to see such a beautiful model show off her muscle and strength! Another “Bravo!” to Strongwomancrushing!
    … Keep these videos coming (Glauce to do a “Part II”?)

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