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Gil Cunha uses her strength and destroys a refrigerator

Gil Cunha goes to a scrapyard and uses her massive arms and muscles to destroy a small refrigerator. She even uses a hammer for some cruelty destruction pleasure. Watch how this muscular goddess could bend and lift all that metal easily.

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2 thoughts on “Gil Cunha uses her strength and destroys a refrigerator

  1. Should have been quite good but the camera was zoomed too closely on Gil, so we have no idea what damage her hammering was doing. The fridge should have been properly smashed up, but we never even got a shot of the wreckage at the end.

  2. It woukd have been nice to see the end result of the fridge. Bit have to say the camera was zoomed in too much on gil. So not able to see that damage she caused with the mallet

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