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Gil Cunha car lifting and bending some its frame

Gil Cunha uses her powerful muscles and power and lifts more scrapyard car frames using her arms and legs strength, she even does some damage by bending some pieces with her hands. Enjoy this goddess and her powerful body in this video.

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4 thoughts on “Gil Cunha car lifting and bending some its frame

  1. Unbelievalb edemonstration of raw power. Gil is a super-woman. Literally bends a care frame! She’s achieved a new level of awesome!

  2. Gil Cunha is amazing she is beautful. Has beautiful muscles and is soo strong. Love how she toys with the car she’ll. Even bends part of the frame of the car. Strongest and best . Unimaginable to think what she can do with her strength

  3. Too bad you can’t download this. Amazing power!!!

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