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Sassenach Bends Screwdrivers with her Super-strength

Sassenach flexes her incredible muscular and sensual body displaying all her gorgeous physique with biceps are like mountains made of steel. She picks some thick screwdrivers using her power to bend those metal tools.

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1 thought on “Sassenach Bends Screwdrivers with her Super-strength

  1. how is it sassenach was able to snap two (yellow handle) screwdrivers in half while mulher pedra did not wear gloves and is triple her muscle size had to bend it back and forth the same exact type of screwdriver (only with red handles) to snap it????? are you guys giving these smaller fitness ladies inferior screwdrivers to break ????? no fair… you guys are cheating. the idea of showing us these womens strength is to show that they are truly as strong as Supergirl but for real. snapping super cheap Chinese made screwdrivers is not the same as thata bending an industrial-strength screwdriver. at least she did accomplish bending it while protecting her hands. do it again with SAssenennach but give her an industrial strength screwdriver like Thata so she can truly prove her strength feat. there is a woman in Indonesia said to be the strongest girl in ninja mauy Thai fighting able to punch concrete walls and you can literally see the concrete bits form on the ground as she too is barefoot her name is CHINTYA CANDRANAYA, shes about 26yoish waaay stronger than your girls shes not from brazil.


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