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Gil Cunha scrap car rolling and lifting

Gil Cunha exhibits her powerful and strong muscles, a real amazonian goddess applying all her might and power lifts and rolls an empty car body. Watch this goddess of strength while lifting all that metal with her strength alone.

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7 thoughts on “Gil Cunha scrap car rolling and lifting

  1. This is absolutely amazing. This is why Gil Cunha is the strongest woman on this sight. Beautiful muscular and very very strong. Is there nothing this woman can’t do. Soo very strong indeed

    1. Mais quel est le poids de la voiture ??

      1. Around 500 pounds a normal car a sports car made of more light material could be 375 pounds.

  2. This is unbelievable. Once again Gil demonstrates that she among the elite most powerful woman at SWC! WOW

  3. oh yes! So nice, let them show their feet too,plz

  4. I’d like to see her do this in a bikini!!

  5. LOVE this, Gil!! You flip this car over like it’s nothing!!

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