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Sassenach does Carlifting

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Sassenach does Carlifting

Car Lifting Feats, Membership, VOD

Sassenach, is big strong, beautiful, and muscular. You will never meet a woman like her. She is amazing flowing with power and strength, she loves to show how strong she is. In this video, she does lots of car lifting action, front lifting, back lifting. She tries in lots of different positions. she almost lifts the car. It is an unbelievable feat of strength video. Real amazon strength action.

Sassenach does Carlifting

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7 thoughts on “Sassenach does Carlifting

  1. Omg that has has to be the best clip from sassench she is soo beautiful and soo muscular and strong. Even though the wheel didn’t leave the ground the whole body of the car moved. Even loved how she attempted to lift the front and again the body of the car moved up. Amazing

  2. Realmente. É fácil perceber que ela só não tirou a roda do chão porque ela não teve altura suficiente. Suas pernas se esticaram ao máximo. Se ela estivesse num banquinho para ficar mais alta teria tirado os pneus dos 2 carros do chão. O primeiro carro ela chegou a tirá-lo do lugar e num momento ela levantou toda a traseira carro. O mais impressionante é que ela levantou o segundo carro pela frente que é onde fica o motor. Impressionante.

  3. Eu quero ver o vídeo dela levantando o carro

    1. Oi, para poder assistir o vídeo você precisa adquirir um passe de membro o qual pode ser de um dia, uma semana ou um mês. Para adquirir qualquer um deles:

      Hi, to watch the Sassenach car lifting video you have to buy one of our membership passes, and those would allow you to watch any of our videos, and they are in different flavors, daily, weekly or monthly.

  4. Great effort!! You would have had the rear wheel well lift if you had stood on a block.
    Try again! Next time stand on a big wooden block or a couple of big cement bricks (so won’t slip).
    Amazed on how much the front end lifted off the shocks. 😉

  5. pls do more car lifts

  6. her effort is amazing, very good clip. next time pls in bikini 🙂

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