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Glauce Refrigerator Destroyed and Throw over the Air

Glauce loves doing some heavy feats of strength, flexing her big and strong biceps and her steel strong legs. Using those rock-solid muscles lifts and destroys a refrigerator, throwing this big refrigerator in the air. You cannot measure how strong Glauce is.

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2 thoughts on “Glauce Refrigerator Destroyed and Throw over the Air

  1. WOW! GLAUCE! UNBELIEVABLE! Glauce, one of the best performances on this site. This is a top 10 video for the ages. Glauce always has a ‘beast mode’ moment in her intense performances. In this one, it happens around the 7 min mark. She OBLITERATES a refrigerator door! No one matches Glauce’s intensity.

  2. Glauce is so strong and goes about her feats of strength with “ferociousness”! She is so beautiful and is a pleasure to watch as, for a “smaller” model, she always can do BIG THINGS! Loved her effort! Really ENJOYED seeing videos of Glauce where she bends, breaks, twists and lifts items such as big, metal cabinets, stoves and, of course, refrigerators. KEEP THESE VIDEOS COMING!

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