Luh Monstrinha, her strength is up to par with her beauty. She is ready for another test. She flexes her strong and dense muscles showing how strong those arms, backs, and pecs are. She picks the first screwdriver and using her iron pecs and arms she bends it, easily. There is no challenge at all, pumped after the first one, she bends the second one, shows how her muscular pecs works while the metal is bent. She is unstoppable, goes for the third screwdriver, and another one is bent easily. Luh using her strong arms she snaps the second screwdriver, a snap sound is heard. With such strength and power, she snaps another one for fun, and for making it complete she snaps the last one. When you think all is over, she picks a small metal roller that is there and bends it out of shape. A lot of metal bends in this video, her grunting and sweaty body screams strength.