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Glauce microwave destruction fun

Glauce is back. She takes her chances against a microwave. She saw other girls destroying one and she cannot let that pass. She must be the number one destruction goddess on our site. She rips its door in one big pull. Stay ready for some throwing action in this video. Her anger and destruction are above anything. Her desire to destroy is above all. Her arms and legs are stronger than any material. Her biceps and backs are impressive as always.

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2 thoughts on “Glauce microwave destruction fun

  1. Glauce goes full beast mode! Another savage performance!

  2. O…M….G!!!
    LOVE the slow bending of metal (and Glauce’s grunting) — what STRENGTH!
    To see her pry the metal apart a little bit, and then with all of her strength to see it slowly bending, separating and then it breaks apart … is such a turn-on!!
    Yes, as Strongwomancrushing said so perfectly: “Glauce is a DESTRUCTION GODDESS!”

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