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Aline Mendes Notebook total destruction

Aline Mendes, super strong and beautiful. A unique female bodybuilder. She is one of our strongest models around, her charismatic smile hides all that power, she shows how she treats an old notebook. She picks a hammer but that’s a bluff, Aline likes to demolish things using her own hands. She tears its screen from its body I’m one hard pull and breaks the entire screen piece with her pecs force, the entire piece, screen, lid altogether. She shreds the body one attempt.

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1 thought on “Aline Mendes Notebook total destruction

  1. :0 Aline is a BEAST! Not only is she stacked and jacked (her posing at the beginning is awesome), but she absolutely ANNIHILATES that laptop! Possibly the best laptop destruction yet! Next I’d like to see her destroy a major appliance like a stove!

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