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Rogatona lifts and destroys a refrigerator

Rogatona went full rampage against an old refrigerator ripping it apart using her strong hands lifting it over her head and tossing it several times around, a sledgehammer is also used for breaking some parts. She enjoys being so strong.

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2 thoughts on “Rogatona lifts and destroys a refrigerator

  1. One of the best performances yet! Complete destruction of that fridge, OMG! Rogotana’s clearly proves she is one of the strongest women out there!

  2. That…was….GREAT!
    What a “Herculean” effort by Rogatona!!! What beauty, strength and MUSCLE on display!! Loved how she slowly bends the metal panels off of the refrigerator and then rips them off! BEAUTIFUL overhead lifts of the refrigerator (in many different ways)! PLEASE, if she’s still around (2022), have her do more like these kind of feats: refrigerator, large cabinet, wooden box, etc. —anything large that would be hard to destroy, and you know what? RIGATONA can DO IT! 🙂

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