Tutorial – How manage your products

First log in your account using the login / sign-up link in menu

Fill the login information with your username or password, if you used a gmail account you could log using continue with google, or if your email is the same registered in facebook you could use continue with Facebook.

After you successfully log in, you will see this page.

Now go to video upload if you want to send your video.

If you want to manage your videos of enable some videos to be sold in separately go to My Account -> Store Dashboard

Now choose Edit Products

Heres your main editor page. From here you will be able to edit and set your prices from your products.

If you pass your mouse over a product a few options will apper. Select edit if you want to set a price an image and description.

Heres you can edit its description, price and Image.

For Description just use the text box. For images scroll down to see two options, featured images and gallery images. Featured images will display as the main images from your products, by default your video should have a featured image set and gallery images is additional images for your produtcs. If you want you may include links and youtube videos in the description.

After you finished click in publish or update.