Sassenach notebook crushed by the muscular girl – All Parts



Part 1

Sassenach, she is big buff and a real muscular destruction machine. She poses her big and strong arms and pecs in a white tank top. Her biceps are like mountains rising from her arms. She is insanely beautiful. Now she has her gloves, and without any risk of hurting her hands she could go beyond in her destruction path. She does some exercises with bands and get pumped, she picks the puny notebook that she will destroy it. She poses with it, and her biceps look more enormous near it. She is going for some action in part 2. Stay ready!

Part 2

Sassenach, she is back in this second part. After some delightful muscle demonstration, she is going to reduce that notebook into pieces. Her muscles are for nothing, sue starts delivering some punches to its keyboard, each punch she lands more and more she is carving a hole on it. She rips its keyboard of in one swoop. She breaks the screen of a louder crack is heard. She break totally that screen shattering the glass. Next part is the body. She struggles but starts to break that hard body using her powerful arms and hands, even some metal pieces are torn apart by her powerful arms. In the end nothing lasts, she shows some bruises from those pieces and glass.


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