Sassenach in giant muscular destruction force


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Sassenach, now she is giant. She lives in her giant house and do not want to be disturbed. Some military and agents decides that she has to be studied and tried to invades her Dominion. Her steps are loud and strong as her muscles. Her biceps are bigger than buildings. What she could do. Well what she could not do. She exits her room stepping strong. She without any warning steps in a car killing it’s occupants instantly. She did not stop there she keeps stepping the life out it. The second one she picks in her big and strong hands and totally rips it a part smashing the person inside. She picks one of the soldiers and toys with it just to smash he between her hands making some squashing noise. The killing continues the next soldier she breaks her weapon for fun and kill he between her hands. She steps the remaining people and soldiers on the ground. She takes one of cars rests and squashes in one hand showing her mighty biceps. This video has some sound effects and slow motions for better experience.

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