Marta Strong

Marta Strong

MartaStrong is one powerful lady. She has the brute strength and big biceps to crush and destroy anything in her way. Her power is out of this world and no one can stand in her way! She is the only woman that can stand up to her because she is made of steel and nothing can stop her.

Weight: 57kg
Height: 1,52m
How long have you been training: 7 yrs
Compete: yes
Physical Activities: Bodybuilding
Hobbies: Training.

Biceps size: 36cm
Tights size: 55cm

Max loads:
Benchpress: 60kg (without the bar)
Biceps Curls:30kg
Squats: 100kg
Deadlift: 90kg

What is your favorite video: All my videos

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