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[Sticky] About posing or strength videos!  


Admin SWC
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21/08/2019 11:06 pm  

Just our first survey!

What do you prefer? Longer strength videos or short posing videos?

Reply with your answer!

John Fitguy
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22/08/2019 4:17 pm  

For me, I prefere the entire session of strength videos like the title of this site. And big test of strength like hard metal destruction or other huge tests!

Have a good day!

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24/08/2019 7:02 am  

I have no interest at all in the posing videos. Mindless destruction is what I like!

richard blower
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08/09/2019 1:18 pm  

i like muscle women destroying stuff especially cars and vans in a junkyard

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08/09/2019 3:36 pm  

Definitely the strength videos. The more destructive the better!  

Anthony Spook Bell
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07/10/2019 3:09 am  

Yeah more strength related clips. However I was wondering do any of these amazing ladies speak English? Just would likehear them. As in some clips they do speak to the camera person. 

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22/12/2019 3:59 am  

100% more strength videos breaking stuff smashing stuff bending feats of strength stuff is my favourite by far, the longer the better and realistic too, hear them grunt groan see real struggles and power as they do it, unlike some ive seen where it might say lady breaks through wooden box when its actually just thin ply-wood .

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14/01/2020 1:10 am  

My favorites are:

1 - Ripping t-shirts
2 - Crushing apples ( biceps )
3 - Bar bending
4 - Crushing toy cars