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Destroying a kitchen or hotel rooms  


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25/05/2019 4:04 am  

Perhaps some of you are familiar with an old TV show called 'Human Wrecking Balls'?

I would like to see a couple off your largest and strongest performers tear apart a room - or maybe an entire property! Perhaps when a homeowner has their kitchen replaced or a hotel has to refurbish its rooms the task of stripping out the old stuff could be handled by your wrecking crew? 

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10/09/2019 5:09 am  

how about an office,the girls dressed in shorts,vest and hard hats start by picking up office chairs and bending the metal legs.Then they remove a painting from the wall and rip it apart,then smashing up the computers and so on.

Tom Wyrick
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08/10/2019 6:58 pm  

Along these same lines? I'm wondering if any of the bigger, heavier female bodybuilders here are able to do pull-ups/chin-ups, or even just flexed arm-hangs or dips?

Seems like as part of tearing up a hotel room or office space, there would be lots of interesting things to try doing those from. Try pull-ups off a clothes bar in a closet or try to hang from a wall mounted TV? Maybe try grabbing onto the shower head with both hands and see if you can do a full bodyweight arm-hang off of it, or if it bends/breaks off first? Grab onto the edge of an open kitchen cabinet over a countertop, maybe, for a chin-up? Hotels often have those long suspended bathroom counters with the sink in the middle that they could push off of for some dips. If the woman is big enough, she should be able to make the counter sag a little as she does them too. Maybe even break loose the caulking on the ends from it flexing under her.